The Uncelebrated Writer

November 21, 2009

Abrar Alvi was a tree, no less significant, but, dwarfed by the Banyan towering above it.

A brilliant dialogue and screenwriter, Alvi Sahab was one of the prominent figures to bring forth the cult of Gurudutt. His mastery of language, both Hindu & Urdu, was rare and there is no better proof than his illustrious filmography to understand how his appeal lied both with the classes and the masses.

Honestly speaking, Alvi did not arose any emotion in my during His life. For that matter, I don’t find any script-writer to have served public memory that screen-stars are automatically entitled with. People who form the backdrop remain in the backdrop. But, with His death, there’s a strange feeling. Alvi belonged to the legendary time of the Indian Cinema. With His death, there’s a feeling that the Last Pillar has also fallen down and everything associated with those times would now be addressed in the past tense.

With Alvi Sahab’s demise, an Era of Indian Cinema comes to a close. May His Soul Rest In Peace.