Doobo Taazgi Mein!

May 8, 2010

Whoof! a tough time on the professional front, but, this entry was long, long overdue.

If big things come in small packages, there is nothing more convincing than Advertisements to prove it. Ads have been both a participant and a witness of the Resurgent India movement. From skipping channels during commercial breaks to sitting through them, advertisements have come a long way from being monotonous, monologue delivery to brain scratching and soul- soothing ones.

I would be attempting, with my little observational skills, to portray some of the best (and worst) ads that feature on TV & Print. The pair that comes below is a first in a series of such portrayals.


What Makes It Different?

Complete Strangers in a mood of flirt in a scorching morning. What would they want? Getting drenched and getting close!  And achieving it through soft drink bottles? No mean task!

Does It Work?

Yes, it definitely does. The remarkable thing about the ad is that the core concept of the ad flows smoothly in almost all the frames of the video (compare this to, say, the ad, where till the last frame you are left wondering if it was a tyre or a fairness cream ad that you just watched). The chemistry between the lead pair is infective and the Music and the Vocals add to the flirt and the brewing romance that is the essence of the story depicted. The models featured – Hrishitaa Bhat and Viraf Patel – are fitting, full of expressions and absolutely make the entire story believable- without a single dialogue delivered, a single lip synced to the song. A wonderful job by the creative team and a complete team effort.


Agency: Ogilvy

Music: R Anand

Vocals:  CaraLisa Monteiro (of the Rock On fame)


What Makes It Different?

A print campaign that knows its target segment and churn their emotional turmoil to create a high-impact visual.

Does It Work?

Oh! Like a wonder. The target segment for Officers’ Choice (OC), the working class, has always lived in a constant fear – of their bosses at work, their responsibilities at home and their inability to please and satisfy both. What they do turn to? Alcohol. What is their single largest asset? Truthfulness, Integrity, and of course, a conscious knowledge of their responsibilities (even in the most inebriated times). So, when OC comes up with the ‘Karm Se Officer’ campaign, they can’t get it more right. The various virtues taken up by OC are practically the ones with which the low- middle class deals with daily (and ironically which make them more penniless in the present society), and when they find the same virtues being praised and considered worthwhile mentioning and more importantly, making them feel like an ‘Officer’, they know they have found their ‘brand’. Excellent work. One of the finest Print Campaign.  I leave you with a few images of the ‘Karm Se Officer’ campaign. Cheers!


Agency: RMG David (now part of Enterprise Nexus)