Auntie No. 1

Yes, the exact phrase was the title no.1 for quite a few days here. Sheila aunty coming again to power, in her words only, ‘did not surprised me, yet I was pleasantly surprised!’

In a freewheeling interview with Shekhar Gupta (of Indian Express) and for the NDTV weekend program ‘Walk the Talk’, she talks about the connect she feels she has with the citizens of Delhi, particularly with those who have age by their side. And one could not help but agree. Of course, there are the flyovers, roads connectivity, Metro (though not fully attributable to Sheila and her team) and a general sense of well being felt by Delhi’s people compared to other cities, but what sets her apart, in my opinion, is the kind of warmth she exudes. With her in the picture, one can take it that things could not go wrong/haywire. I guess you will be able to judge this opinion better when you take any hypothetical situation (conduction of Commonwealth Games, for ex.) and consider BJP CM nominee V K Malhotra accomplishing it. I am sure, you will get a feel that the project is more safe in Sheila’s hand. I guess this is what citizens of Delhi must have voted for. After all, who doesn’t want a leader who looks and act with more compassion and warmth.



The evenings and days at Delhi are getting chillier and more romantic (or un-romantic, depending on your frame of mind or availability/non availability of your partner). But, it has to be un-romantic for all single, eligible bachelors in town. As the sun sets low and the cool breeze engulf the tiny, living sphere of Delhi, the bachelors try to get more focused on work, so to avoid the realization that their evenings are lonely (but in turn getting more de-focused!). But as fate would have it, the rich’s getting richer, the poor’s getting poorer and the bachelor’s getting more bachelor-ed! And to hear that more and more people have found their soul mates add insult to the injury.

Pass on the whisky, please!!


Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Delhi University!! Aah!!

Such a view in the noon! Even can turn a rock into a poet!!

Had been frequently to DU this winter, courtesy the exams. You start getting the ‘feel’ when you enter the Metro. Young, confident, smartly dressed chirpy girls talking amongst themselves or to either slender or fatso boys (I guess the medium/average built guys are not made these days) and their giggling interrupting the last minute chapter revision one need to do before the papers. But, no complains! Smiling, cheerful faces are always welcome – exams, sleep, work or more work.

The point where you de-board Metro to the Faculty of Law (where I go for my exams) is a dream walk. Anything written more on the topic will only dilute my feelings. How I hope that I would have started studies now but, until the time machine is invented, I guess you can pray that our University switch to trimester pattern; so that we get to the University thrice a year! Amen!



Meanwhile, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was released to mixed responses-the theme became in-digestible to the people here, particularly with ladies (apparently, a boring and moustached SRK’s wife start an affair with the clean shaven and smart SRK without realizing that both are the same person, phew!); in a case of extra-judicial justice given, the police held a (fake) encounter to kill 3 miscreants who had thrown acid on a girl in Hyderabad – the police were, it seems, on a high mob pressure to impart an immediate justice; around 3 Crore cases still languishes in Indian Courts; Home loans gets cheaper, but only above 20 Lakh Rupees and for the new takers and Rakhi Sawant says she will not perform any new year shows to show solidarity with Mumbai people. Ah, Well!