December 29, 2008 - January 05, 2009

December 29, 2008 – January 5, 2009

Just Another Day

New Year is just another day for me…

No resolutions, no wishes.

Just like any other day it holds within itself the paradoxical potential of predictable and un-predictable events. So, I welcome the day with only as much enthusiasm and fervor as is desired of any normal day. The same logic also acts as a deterrent to me to celebrate my birthday. I wonder if I am able to make this logic convincing enough to my ‘to-be partner’ and we don’t indulge in day-long celebrations of anniversaries and birthdays. 

The Stars Shine Down

A chill ran down my spine when I read the mother of all resignation letters. News run abound that a bigger crime (that of siphoning investor’s money to personal projects) is being masked by a comparatively less severe crime of fraud et al. Whatever be it, but the damage is done. The outsourcing industry has suffered a jolt, for questions on credibility and transparency of Indian-based firms is being raised. Amidst all this, ST, a Satyamite, shares her jitters. I console her, say to her that people like her should not be worried as their potential and performance is not being questioned and she have a fair chance to compete in the job market. Even as I said all this, I realized it’s easier said than done. Job portals have been flooded with Satyamites resumes. Refereals are doing the rounds across all offices and all geographies. Yet, there is not much action happening. Indeed troubled times.

Why would have Raju done all this? An icon for many – students, young executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen, Raju enjoyed much clout world over. But as it is, human mind is still the most complex entity in the universe. Some say it’s the greed that let him in – greed to have more and more land, in and around Hyderabad. May be things will become clearer with time, but as of now, I am reminded the famous ‘Geeta Saar’ that used to printed at the back cover of notebooks. One of the quotes there prophesized: 3 things makes men enemy of each other: Jar, Joru Aur Zameen.

The Axe Effect

How much memories can an after-shave lotion arise in you? Infinite, if you ask me. So, the week gone by, when I bought an AXE-Denim after shave, and applied the first splash on the face, I was transferred to a different era…Milan Hair Cutting Parlor was the best value for money – cushioned, comfortable and elaborate chairs, plethora of creams, hair colors etc., TV with a cable connection – basically a place where even waiting was a pleasure. But the icing on the cake was the cool, soothing effect of the Denim (no Axe-Denim then, and I am talking of the 1998-2000 period) that was applied on one’s face after the customary shave. Partially because of the fragrance but more because of the ‘adult’ feeling that it instilled inside me, I began adoring the Denim. But that was to be only till the time I was at my hometown. Mid 2000, when I left home (and Milan parlour), the end of my Denim honeymoon has already begun. Out of town, may be with a view to reduce recurring expense on shaving, I started on my own and for the initial period used Denim only but later, somehow, my loyalties changed to Old Spice.

So, last week, when due to Old Spice being ‘Out of Stock’, I purchased the New Denim, I never, even in my wildest imaginations, thought that it will bring back so much. But then, such is life!

College Blues

The college starts this Moday, January 12th (actually on Friday, the 9th but for all practical purposes, 12th) and this excites me beyond comprehension!

It is the same feel that we used to get when we were promoted to higher classes. The thrill of new books, new teachers, and new things to learn was all so encompassing that we, as children, had nothing else to discuss than about our new classes et al. And the same excitement returns!!

Now that I have understood the ‘funda’ of surviving our faculty’s methodology of teaching, I am more than prepared to welcome the new semester. And with subjects like Public International Law (which I am sure I will enjoy most), I just can’t wait for the classes to begin. Of course, I have made the routine resolution of being punctual with my studies from the beginning and going to classes all prepared with the cases etc., but let’s see to what extent such ideas get materialized (the track record of the success of such resolutions is very bleak!). Anyways, the counting has begun…3 days to go…

The 200-crore Mark

Ghajini just entered into the list of Top 10 biggest hit of all times. With a business of 200 crores (that too over a period of 14 days), the movie has defined new rules of the game. What is significant is the fact that of the 200 crores, Rs 160 crores came from the collection at domestic theatres and the rest 40 crores from the overseas market. There is no doubt that much of the domestic collection is courtesy the Multiplex phenomena that the metropolitan and aspiring metropolitan cities and towns of India is witnessing. Gone are the days when a movie celebrated ‘Golden 50 days’ and ‘Silver and Platinum Jubilees’ and we had movie stars labeled ‘Jubilee Kumar’. A movie, these days, is declared a Hit the moment it survives the first weekend of its release or manages a collection over 20-25 crores, whichever is earlier. And no one’s complaining. People want movies and movie stars to be served to them like their popcorn packets – hot, readily available and to be consumed immediately – longevity be damned. So, in all probability this trend will continue and Rs 200 crore will certainly become the new (monetary) deadline.